How do I buy VIP rank on STRAFEZONE?

You can buy VIP rank here

Make sure to send you steam id to Head-admin/Manager/Owner

If you are using Swish, contact Shaxie using Steam,

or join our Discord

What do I get with VIP?

With VIP you will get acces to special playermodels and other skins

You get access to special features that non VIPs don't have.

You will get VIP role on Discord and VIP tag ingame that you can toggle on & off

You will get access to special channels on Discord

And you have a chance to become TRUSTED rank

The price for VIP is 5€ monthly And Lifetime is 10€

Click here to buy lifetime VIP

Click here to buy monthly VIP

When will I get my VIP rank?

After Head-admin/Manager/Owner has given you the role, you will get it after a mapchange