1. Hacking is forbidden!

2. No trolling/griefing!

3. Abusing !calladmin will result in a punishment!

4. Bug abusing is forbidden!

5. Do not be toxic!

6. Respect our staff team!

7. No rasicm is allowed




1. No understabbing is allowed (stabbing a player that is on a block higher up that you that you can´t crouch jump up to)

2. No undercamping is allowed (You can´t undercamp a player and wait for them to come down. You will have to try to get there)

3. We only accept Swedish & english on our community

4. Cheating on our servers will get you banned!

5. No bodyblocking is allowed (Blocking another player mid-air/surf/ladders if they die/take damage)

6. No randomstabbig is allowed (stabbing a player randomly without following them)

7. No advertising is allowed (talking about other servers or sending ip adress

8. Respecting the staff team

9. No funjumping (you can not funjump as Counter-terrorist, you have to chase the Terrorist)

10. No damage jumping is allowed (jump down and take more then 20 hp and stabbing a Terrorist)

11. No bug abusing (You can not abuse bugs,jumping out of maps, getting out of maps, using ladderbugs. Wallbug is fine)

12. No mic or chat spamming (spamming in chat or voicechat)

13. No hiding from the Counter-terrorist

14. No nadeblocking (blocking a player with a nade, on gound is fine

15. No targetswitching (Change target when chasing is not allowed

16. No rasicm is allowed

16. No Running