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Form submission: Admin application
***Short application will get denied immediantely***: I accept

Name:: Jinxeddd

STEAMID:: STEAM_1:1:522027132

Age:: 15

Do you have a mic?: Yes

Do you have any registered bans on https://www.strafezone.com/sourcebans ?: No

Introduce youself: I am Didier,
I am 15 years old, live in The Netherlands and I love to play HNS Smile

What server are you applying for?: HNS NOPRE

How long have you been playing on our community?: For quite a long time, I've been playing on my main account now for a few hours but on my old accounts I've been playing in total for like more than 40 hours of playtime.

Why should we choose you as an Admin?: Because I know what to do and when, I am active, I know what punishment is needed for different situations.

Are you in our discord?: Yes

Do you have any experience being an Admin?: Yes I do, on Garry's Mod, CS:GO and other games.

How can you benefit our community?: By being active, nice and supportive!

How did you find our community?: By scrolling down HNS servers.

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