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Form submission: Ban Appeal
Name:: Tonk_Y

STEAMID:: STEAM_1:0:499871810

Why were you banned?: for no reason at all
on the hns funjump server (not on hns but funjump)

Why should we unban you?: because I was banned for no reason at all. If there was a reason, atleast tell me what i did wrong so I can give assistance to myself

I can not find you on sourcebans
(11-30-2019, 04:25 PM)Shaxie Wrote: I can not find you on sourcebans
that's because for some reason the sourcebans dont show up when you search in FunJump. fix that aswell. But i'm actually banned so.. i can't put images on this because for some reason it says that I didn't input any message if there is an image pasted in

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